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Welcome to the 2020 Registration for Braintree Youth Lacrosse!

Please read the directions carefully
Some things to keep in mind as you register:

1)  Lacrosse is TEAM SPORT and requires the time and effort of every player on the TEAM.  We make a conscious effort to schedule our games and practices around the other activities our town offers, so please make sure your son or daughter is willing to commit to at least one practice and one game (Sunday) a week. Our program has record numbers, but we want LACROSSE players committed to being a part of a TEAM first.

2) Registration will be open until January 1st.  

3) Please register in your players appropriate grade and gender.  The program is based on the child's grade in school, not their age.  
U9 1&2 Grades
U11 3&4 Grades
U13 5&6 Grades
U15 7&8 Grades

U9 Boys is an In-House program that will play on Friday nights at the Thayer Fields.  You will also be asked if you are interested in playing on a U9 travel team that will play on Sundays. The cost of U9 is $175 plus $25 for Insurance.  ($200 total)
4) The cost of registration is $200. You will also be asked to pay a mandatory $25 for US Lacrosse Insurance. ($225 total) If you're a returning player it will specifically say, "Our records indicate that you are a current USL member. Would you like to renew at this time? "  Answer YES to this question!!  If you do not pay both of these fees at the time of registration, your registration will not be processed.  An email will confirm your registration.

5) The sweatshirts, shirts and shorts are standard sizes, but when in doubt, always order up.   This is an inexact science and we do our best to keep it easy.  Youth sizes are:  Small 6-8 - Medium 10-12 - Large 14-16  Adult sizes are standard.

6) As the program grows we are always in need of coaches.  (Especially w/ the U9s)  Don't be afraid!  It's not a hard game to learn and we need good people.  Also, if you know any college age kids w/ lacrosse experience, have them contact us as well. 

Lastly, if you're the owner or decision maker of a small business or company willing to contribute to our program, we'd be happy to advertise you as a sponsor on our website.

Go Wamps!

2020 Boys U9 (Grades 1&2) Lacrosse Registration CLONE 2

During the registration you will be asked if your player would like to play for the Braintree U9 Travel Team. This team will play an additional game on Sundays and may have an additional practice during the week.

In the past the boys who have played on this team have really enjoyed it, it is the first time they get to play against other towns.

By signing up you are just showing an interest and are not committing to the team.


Base Cost: $175.00

Opened: 10/15/2020
Closes: 03/12/2021

Open to: Boys

In Grades: 1 to 2 for 2019-20 School year

0 registrations