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Welcome to the 2022 Registration for Braintree Youth Lacrosse!
Please read the directions carefully
Some things to keep in mind as you register:

1)  Lacrosse is TEAM SPORT and requires the time and effort of every player on the TEAM.  We make a conscious effort to schedule our games and practices around the other activities our town offers, so please make sure your son or daughter is willing to commit to at least one practice and one game (Sunday) a week. Our program has record numbers, but we want LACROSSE players committed to being a part of a TEAM first.

2) Registration for 2022 season opens on November 1st, and closes on January 1st.  Dont be last!.  

3) Please register in your players appropriate grade and gender.  The program is based on the child's grade in school, not their age.  
U9 1&2 Grades
U11 3&4 Grades
U13 5&6 Grades
U15 7&8 Grades


4) The total cost for the U11 - U13 - U15  programs is $230.  (This includes the required insurance fee).  The U9 level is discounted for both boys and girls.


The registration for the boys program is one step.  Simply create an account and follow the instructions.  You'll be automatically redirected to the USA Lacrosse site where you either sign up or renew your US Lacrosse membership. (Insurance)  The site will then redirect you back to Braintree Youth Lacrosse to complete your registration.

  • The $200 tuition DOES NOT INCLUDE the required USA Lacrosse membership of $30.00  ($230 in total)


This too is a one step process.  Simply create an account and follow the instructions.

  • The total cost of the program is also $230 with the required $30 insurance fee for Founders Lacrosse included in the tuitiuon.

5) Please click the below link for all mandatory equipment requirements:


6) The sweatshirts, shirts and shorts are standard sizes, but when in doubt, always order up.   This is an inexact science and we do our best to keep it easy.  Youth sizes are:  Small 6-8 - Medium 10-12 - Large 14-16  Adult sizes are standard.

7) As the program grows we are always in need of coaches.  (Especially w/ the U9s)  Don't be afraid!  It's not a hard game to learn and we need good people.  Also, if you know any college age kids w/ lacrosse experience, have them contact us as well. 

Lastly, if you're the owner or decision maker of a small business or company willing to contribute to our program, we'd be happy to advertise you as a sponsor on our website.

Go Wamps!