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World Class Wall Ball Routine

This routine can be performed by either gender. The following stick drills should be used daily in

the off-season and several times per week during the season. Once you master your stick

(which takes a lot of dedication) the rest of your game will fall into place with much less

frustration. Stick with it!

1. Boys; gloves are mandatory

2. Girls; gloves are optional (if you wear them during a game wear them during practice)

3. Any wall is fine, but a smooth surface at least 10 feet tall is optimum (concrete, block)

4. Drills should take no longer than 30 minutes maximum

5. Stand approx.12-15 feet from the wall

6. Do not let the ball hit the ground

7. Pass and catch in the area above your shoulder; to the right of left or your head

8. Strong hand toss/catch,

9. Strong hand quick stick 50 times; then 50 times weak hand

10. Strong hand 1 hand catch and cradle 50 times; then 50 times weak hand

11. Strong hand catch and face dodge 50 times; then 50 times weak hand

12. Split dodge/ throw right catch right/ split to left hand throw left and catch left 50 times

13. Quick stick while the ball is in the air switch hands on every toss 50 times

14. Cross-handed 50 times each hand. Throw right rotate hands left and visa versa

15. One hand passing/shooting 50 times each hand (start with hand close to the stick head…as

you get better and stronger move your hand down the stick shaft)…experiment

16. Behind the back 50 times each hand

17. Develop you own routine: if space is big enough jog down the wall while passing. Jog while

catching to the right then reverse. Behind the head catching. Bounce pass catching.

18. Pass and catch with the wall by having the ball being either passed or caught in an

unconventional manner or less than perfect spot. Less than perfect passes happen in

EVERY game…get ready. Be the best you can be…… regardless of conditions.

¼ cradle repeat 50 times; then 50 times weak hand

Practice does not make perfect

Perfect practice makes perfect

Great study habits, healthy diet, plenty of rest, dedicated practice,

time management, and the willingness to sacrifice = success.

Good luck with your lacrosse season